Ground Parrots on the Marlo Plains


Ground Parrots on the Marlo Plains

The Eastern Ground Parrot Pezoporus wallicus is one of only five ground-dwelling parrots in the world and is listed as an endangered species in Victoria. The Ground Parrot is a distinctive, slender parrot which is shy and elusive and not usually seen unless it is flushed out from cover.

The Ground Parrot is dependent on coastal heathlands and heathy woodland. Before the 2019-20 fires, East Gippsland supported the largest population of the species in Victoria. The fires burnt most of the coastal heathlands on public land east of Orbost, however some heathlands remained unburnt on the Marlo Plains, on both public and private land.

This project will document heathlands on the Marlo Plains and survey for the presence of Ground Parrots in selected heaths judged most likely to be suitable habitat. As the project aims to raise awareness about the species it will involve community members especially in survey work.

The project will contribute to our understanding of the distribution of the endangered Ground Parrot after the 2019-20 fires and will support land managers (both public and private) to recognise Ground Parrot habitat on their land across the Marlo Plains.
Where there is interest proposed stage 2 will aim to support concerned private landholders complete on ground actions to protect the Ground Parrots natural habitat.

If you are interested in volunteering to survey please get in touch. Click here to send an email.

This project is supported by the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority with funding from the Victorian Government’s Biodiversity Bushfire Recovery Grants and Victorian Landcare Grants.



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